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House of Hope Ministries 2013 Newsletter

2013 has come and gone very fast it seems, we once again have provided space in our program for 90 resident members. We have seen positive life changing decisions made by most who have stayed in our program. Staying at HOHM homes gave time, opportunity and support for them to work on their recovery program. Restarting their lives in a
positive direction with the support and encouragement needed to believe in their selves and their goals.

Our Veteran population has grown steadily to 39% of our program total. We would refer to them as our DDD's, Discipline, Duty, Devotion, they have shown the ability to do all three very well. They have learned to stand up for the cause, and apply the three D's for
sure. We are hoping more people in our community will see this as an opportunity to employ them and use their leadership as a positive move in our community.

Through our Life Skills, Boundaries, and Whole Foods & Healthy Alternatives classes we have seen positive changes in the 90 HOHM members. These changes have impacted our homes and our community at large.

Many of our members have attended our Bible studies and gained a better understanding of our Holy Bible. Coming into the understanding of God's grace for forgiveness and His plan for salvation through Jesus Christ our Savior. We know God's plan for HOHM members and are delighted when they come into the realization of His plan for their lives. Faith is not a requirement of being a member of our program, no one is required to attend the Bible studies, but many do and receive life changing benefits from what they have learned.

HOHM received two grants in 2013 to expand our R-COG community garden in Redmond. COIC and Ridgeview High School honored our work in the
community with the two wonderful grants.

These grants allowed us to add eight new garden plots, purchase new garden soil and straw bales
for our new Straw Bale Gardening project. A great success growing in straw bales was quick, cheap and grows very fast and it seems to grow larger as well. Lots of interest in the straw bale gardening. We
were able to purchase two small green houses, allowing us to start seedlings early for 2014 planting season.

Our Veterans grew a very large garden at their home in Bend and utilized garden space provided by Desert Streams Church.

Growing in planter boxes on the decks for those who couldn't walk to the lower garden areas. Applying our teachings to eat more whole foods on a daily bases and showing to the public you can grow vegetables in
Central Oregon.

As 2013 comes to an end we want to give a special "Thanks" for all who have supported us through the years. We still have our $10.00 a month pledge open for anyone to assist us in our ongoing community
outreach program. Every amount counts toward the hope for recovery.

2014, goals are to open a "Nutria Stop" at the Lavender building in Redmond, known as "The Hope Center" we will be serving healthy foods for those in need at no charge. Donations from others to support the cause for healthy foods and meals, will be appreciated. Our menu will be simple and wholesome given with loving care for our community,

Please feel free to post your prayer request and community announcement on our bulletin board.

We are extending our "Stroke Survivors Social" to include, anyone who is a survivor or is needing to make a connection in the community. A place to be yourself, having fun in the process with very enjoyable
people who have learned the value of being able to Do and Move. We meet every second and fourth Wednesday at the "Hope Center" 1:00 to 3:30, located at 724 SW 14th St. Redmond, Oregon.

To know about our 2014 projects watch our website, or stop by the Lavender Thrift & Gift store at the " Hope Center" open Tuesdays through Saturday, Noon to 4:00 pm. We carry only top brands and
specialty items to make shopping more enjoyable. All sales go to support the HOHM a local non-profit.

Our our HOHM members and volunteers have joined together in wishing you all a Very Happy New Year.
Darlene Woods, Director


The Lavender Thrift & Gift is now also known as "The Hope Center". Visit our "What's Happening" to find out the current meeting schedule.

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Since opening on January 1, 2003, House of Hope Ministries has provided shelter for over 1,000 individuals. Our faith is shared by our acceptance and love for each individual we have cared for through the years.



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